Lipoedema UK Members’ Webinars

Members of Lipoedema UK are warmly invited to attend our webinars, which provide expert advice and information, and the opportunity to join our vibrant and supportive community.

Upcoming Webinars

19 Jun Wednesday
27 Jun Thursday
18 Jul Thursday
Professor Peter Mortimer is known through out the world as a leading expert on lymphatic diseases including lipoedema. Throughout his career he has led research and innovation in the lymphatic field. In the UK he was responsible for raising awareness of Lipoedema, and personally responsible for diagnosing many of the patients who took part in
25 Jul Thursday

Our team members know what it is like to live with Lipoedema. The webinars are a platform for expert advice, talks and information about Lipoedema, but they are also a safe and supportive place for people affected by the condition to connect.

Our regular, hour-long Nurse Consultant & Clinician Open Clinics are an opportunity for members to ask specific medical questions to our highly experienced team (members can put their own questions in the chat box). These events are a fantastic opportunity for members to participate by asking questions in a safe environment. These sessions are one of the most popular benefits of our membership.

Our other regular presentations are delivered by leading experts, which enable members to keep abreast of the latest developments and research.

The warm and inclusive community that has grown up as a result of these webinars has exceeded our expectations, but it’s particularly valuable given that so many people with Lipoedema describe feeling isolated by their condition. Please join us!

How to join

Members of Lipoedema UK are automatically emailed Zoom links to upcoming sessions. To become a member, click here.

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