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One family’s battle with Lipoedema

Catherine, Harriet and Rachel share their story Sadly, Lipoedema can run in families. Here, Catherine and her daughter, Harriet, share their battle with Lipoedema, and Catherine’s sister Rachel also gives a personal account of what it’s like to be part of a family where some members have Lipoedema, but she doesn’t. Catherine’s sister, Rachel, describes

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Lipedema Foundation

The Lipedema Foundation Registry (LFR) is an online registry established to help the Lipoedema community, including affected individuals, families, clinicians and researchers. Its goals are to learn more about Lipoedema; understand barriers to diagnosis; better manage symptoms; assess quality of life impact; and develop new treatment approaches. The LFR has developed an ‘Initial Survey’ that

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‘I cannot give in’

I first noticed my legs were big as a teenager in school. Kids were cruel and I was called ‘thunder thighs’. Jeans didn’t fit and I couldn’t wear leggings like the other girls. I already felt ‘different’. This fact, coupled with other things that happened in my teenage years, meant I developed a terrible relationship

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Supporting each other

Sharing the load by creating a support group Many of our members describe how they’ve found friendship and support by meeting other women with Lipoedema. This video by the Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation describes one such group of women, who have founded a Lipoedema Support Group in Leicestershire. Watch the video to learn more!

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