Our Sponsors

Lipoedema UK is grateful for the support of the companies listed below.

The companies listed below provide professional-grade medical products that are suitable for patients with Lipoedema. Following a diagnosis, these products can be obtained through prescriptions issued by a qualified healthcare professional, your GP or your practice or comunity nurse. These products are often available on the NHS, but some of these companies also provide made-to-measure or standard-size compression products via their online shops, and have helplines to offer support relating to queries regarding their products. Lipoedema UK is grateful for the support of these companies, which makes our work possible – all our funding comes from sponsors and private donations.

Lipoedema UK does not endorse any particular organisation by virtue of their listing, nor does it accept any liability for the accuracy of the information.

Despite being a little-known condition, Lipoedema is believed to affect millions of women, so if you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please get in touch. Together, we can help change the future for people with Lipoedema.

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