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Info on how Lipoedema differs from lymphoedema or obesity
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Membership benefits

Info for you and your patients

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Info for you and your patients
Lipoedema UK’s information pack, including leaflets for you and your patients
Information on professional events featuring Lipoedema

A supportive community

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A Supportive Community
Includes highly qualified healthcare professionals trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Lipoedema and lymphoedema
Patients and their families are at the heart of everything we do

Webinars from a global community

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Webinars from a Global Community
Exclusive access to international surgical and clinical experts presenting the latest research
A unique opportunity to contribute and learn from your colleagues

Research into Lipoedema

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Research into Lipoedema
Our members are the first to know about the latest research
Make sure your voice is heard in a wide range of differing projects

Spread the word

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Spreading the Word
Support us by raising the profile of Lipoedema to drive change
Share our posters and leaflets on how Lipoedema affects health

International Healthcare Professional Membership

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International Healthcare Professionals Membership
We welcome members round the world to participate in our activities and webinars
Lipoedema UK is a member of Lipedema World Alliance (LWA), working alongside 100 leading physicians, surgeons and researchers


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Clinicians & Healthcare


Lipoedema Membership Pack
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